Your Easy Edible Garden is a living demonstration of the techniques and methods Susanne has tried in her journey towards growing more food, so she can buy less in her weekly shop - but most importantly with time saving principles designed to minimise weeding and to work with nature.  Her garden is located on what was formally a working mango farm, so you will see over 50 very old mango trees dotted around the property (but not all of them fruit!). You will see techniques of covering bare earth to minimise weeds in the Berry and Cherry Garden; fruit trees dotted throughout the main lawn, planted with guilds underneath including comfrey, aloe, nasturtium; plus fruit tree garden beds with permaculture chop and drop principles in action. In the veggie patch, she uses a no dig gardening approach, and you can see two different styles of raised garden beds - and learn about the pros and cons for each. 

What can you see at this garden?              

  • No dig gardening approach + easy gardening methods to save time & increase harvest
  • Easy methods for growing Ginger, Turmeric, and Sweet Potato 
  • 2 different styles of raised garden beds filled with 3 variations of fill (composted weeds, soil, hugelkulture) 
  • 3 different styles of orchard designed to minimise weeds - edging & guilds; underplanting of flowering plants;  chop and drop mulch
  • A perennial greens garden bed
  • A 75+ year old custard apple tree
  • 3 ways of growing mushrooms - in logs, in ground, and as a by product of spent compost
  • Pergolos and Archways for vertical planting
  • 5 Bay Pallet compost bay

Location: Highvale

Accessibility: Easy access the garden as the area is flat and grassed. The garden stretches over a large area so some walking is required, including down the driveway.  

You can learn more about Susanne's approach at @

Your Easy Edible Garden