The Outhouse Permaculture Garden is based on an evolving permaculture design, this artist’s garden showcases the use of methods such as hügelkultur, composting, water management, creating biomass, guilds and companion planting.  Working with the unique conditions of the site, and its natural cycles and systems, is a beautiful example of what can be grown with limited space and time.

What can you see at this garden?                

  • 1.5 year old garden based on permaculture plans drawn up during a course attended by Craig. Design includes, whole site, energy assessment, water management, sun, land works and zoning.
  • Verge garden raised with natural woven fencing
  • Smart methods of water use, directing water through the property with drainage, using contours and mini swales
  • Focus on soil as the heart of the garden and building up organic matter
  • Beginning of food forest using layering of plant heights
  • Methods focus on working with nature and natural cycles such as moon planting and using the functions of plants over their lifetime
  • Green manure and cover crops
  • Crop rotation and companion planting
  • Cottage garden style mix of plants for medicinal use, bee attracting and pest management
  • Chicken coop in progress from original outhouse
  • Dwarf fruit trees

Location: Samford Village

Accessibility: Village location plenty of parking options. Easy access to front garden. Moderate access to back garden through uneven ground.