Opened to the public for the first time.

The Family Friendly Food Forest is a beautiful suburban permaculture garden designed to embrace natural rhythms and create biodiversity, has a magical quality about it, with hidden corners, places to be and explore and surprises around every corner. From dwarf fruit trees to ground covers, layers have been created by dense planting of a wide variety of edibles. Features include, mini swales, drip irrigation, an arbour, a bathtub worm farm and even a wildlife pond.

What can you see at this garden?

  • An amazing amount has been packed into this 720m2 block over the last 3 years, including interesting play areas for young children
  • Garden is being transformed, with slow removal of existing ornamentals as edibles are established, in order to protect new plants and soil health
  • Front garden contains mini swales, between built up long mounds and drip irrigation
  • Interesting mix of edibles, including purple raven sweet potato, panama berry, malabar spinach, sword beans
  • Wildlife pond, home to native fish and frogs with native grasses used around edges to protect from toads, contains over 6 different water edibles
  • ‘Chicken Lane’ on one side of the property, is the home of the Eaton’s Hill Edible exchange and street library.

Location: Eaton's Hill

Accessibility: The front garden is visible from the road. The back garden has narrow access and not suitable for wheelchairs.

Parking: Parking is limited on the narrow street. However, parking on nearby streets is plentiful and would be a short stroll to the garden. Details will be provided in the Trail Guide when the address is provided. 

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The Family Friendly Food Forest