The Reclaimed Edible Oasis is a beautiful, garden oasis designed for the elements. The location, in a dry bush fire zone on unforgiving shale, has informed choices, from access, structures using interesting reclaimed materials, to plants. Raised vegetable beds, shade structure, fruit trees, interesting perennials, a passionfruit arbour, chilli beds and more, are on display. This garden is a story of creation, working with the space for safety, abundance and the forming of an oasis. 

What can you see at this garden?              

  • Thoughtfully designed for purpose with big picture thinking
  • Natural setting, overlooking bushland
  • Main garden area is flat area of green grass, with wide grassed paths between the raised vege beds and adjoining raised fruit tree beds
  • Solutions for poor soil and limited water
  • Frog pond with frog hotel
  • Reclaimed concrete sleepers used as edging for the raised beds, other interestingly sourced materials used throughout
  • Chook and duck house in progress
  • Large shade cloth structure
  • Use of permaculture deign and principles
  • 10+ varieties of chillis 

Location: Bunya

Accessibility: Easy access to the main area of edibles. Access down to other areas (passionfruit and chillis) is not far but fairly steep and slippery.