My Food Garden is an organic, biodynamic garden in a 200-meter square patch, using crop rotation and intercropping to optimise production, created by Peter Kearney. The methods of intensive management on display show how to maximise crop volume and health. This garden contains an extensive range of perennial and annual vegetables, herbs, fruits and tubers for abundant daily pickings. This garden is located on the same property as Loop Growers and within eyesight. 

What can you see at My Food Garden?  

  • Biodynamic systems and design principles
  • Tips for organic gardening
  • Perennial and annual veges, herbs and tubers; and an array of fruit trees.
  • Intercropping and other design features for maximising growth while regenerating the soil. 

Location: Draper

Accessibility: Moderate - car access is via dirt driveway to ample parking area at Loop Growers. Then short but moderately steep walk up the hill to My Food Garden. 

You can learn more about Peter's approach at My Food Garden