Loop Growers is the creation of Alice and Phil - two local growers who have created an innovative loop system for their bio-intensive farm. They work with local restaurants and cafes to collect excess organic materials, that would otherwise go to landfill, and bring it back through the farm via worms, goats, chickens and compost piles, to cycle back as fresh produce. The focus is on a wholistic approach of integrating systems and focus on community engagement.

What can you see at Loop Growers Farm?  

  • Systems to reduce your carbon footprint such as colour coded bins for separating, collecting and reusing excess materials.
  • Composting systems such as worm farms; chickens and goats for manure; hot compost piles.
  • Raising seedlings using mix of compost and aged pine bark mulch.
  • Ways to promote creek health - including weed eradication and revegetation.

Location: Draper

Accessibility: Moderate - car access is via dirt driveway to ample parking area at Loop Growers. The area around the market garden is flat with undulating areas and potential trip hazards. Not suitable for wheelchairs. 

You can learn more about Loop Growers @ loopgrowers.com