The Productive Italian Garden of Tony and Ruth is something to behold. It has a formal design, with the orchard planted in formal rows with garden edging and built in irrigation. The vegetable garden is highly productive and Tony incorporates a rotating planting system. And as a side note, if you like chook houses you really need to check this one out!

What can you see at this garden?

  • Orchard in 6 long rows of 21m x 1.5m with variety of edging
  • Grapes for table and wine making, cider apples, variety of stone fruits, citrus, olives and raspberries
  • Vegetable garden in 7 rows of 6m x 1.5m beds using crop rotation and variety of growing techniques
  • Native gardens for privacy and water run off management
  • Enclosed dam and chook house
  • Top bar bee hive and native bee hive

Location: Samford Valley

Accessibility: Easy - plenty of street parking. Short walk up driveway, with a moderate slope. Open area around the gardens with a moderate slope. Lower area may suit wheelchairs.  

You can learn more about Tony and Ruth's garden and gifts at Under the Green Wood Tree 

Tony 2