Opened to the public for the first time.

The Farmyard is an animal and garden lovers delight, created by Martine and her family. This mixed hobby farm thrives on circular systems and diversity, with animals, bees, an enclosed vegetable garden on a steep slope, a food forest patch, and plenty of natives. Nothing is wasted here, with natural materials used throughout and excess produce fed to animals such as sheep, goats, alpacas, chooks and geese, to bring back as manure to feed the soil for edibles. 

What can you see at this garden?

  • Farm animals to see in small paddocks
  • Fenced, steeply sloping vegetable garden including terraces, retained using natural materials
  • Chop and drop, mixed plantings, vegies, perennials and flowers
  • Worm farms and composting
  • Bees hives and dedicated bee shed (to be signed but closed to access)
  • Native bees
  • Establishing food forest – trenches were dug, filled with manures and other materials and planted on top
  • Extensive native plantings
  • Solutions for low maintenance, low impact food production

Location: Highvale


  • There is loads of street parking
  • Access is long gravel driveway – some uneven, small steep sections but generally fairly easy
Martine - 1
Martine - 2