Coddiwomple is a garden you are sure to enjoy visiting. The fun name, if you are wondering, was chosen by Dave and Anna because it best describes their fun approach to creating their garden - to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.  What you will find here are wonderful examples of permaculture principles and systems, actively managing water using long swales designed to capture run off and allow this precious resource to soak into fruit trees and perennials. The swales are just one year old, so are a great example of the early stages of this process. The family have worked together in this large garden to create a food forest with the swales, 3 banana circles and geodesic dome chicken tractors to rotate and work the annual vegetables/kitchen garden. 

What can you see at this garden?                

  • Solutions for planting on a slope using permaculture principles
  • Permaculture swales form the structure of the main part of the edible garden food forest with 4 swales ranging from 30 to 100 metres along the hillside, working with the natural flow of water
  • Use of cover crops in the swales whilst fruit trees establish and plenty of perennial edible plants
  • 100 + varieties of fruit trees, mostly planted within the last 2 years but with a few older established trees
  • 3 Banana circles established by digging the middle out, planting bananas around the circle and putting garden waste in the middle 
  • Worm farms, including a bath tub worm farm (with a bench seat top)
  • Chicken tractor geodesic domes, amongst the annual vegetable kitchen garden
  • Top bar bee hive with viewing panel
  • Hügelkultur beds
  • Structures for growing dragon fruit and bamboo tee pees
  • This is the home of the Samford Edible Exchange, which visitors will be able to see on the roadside verge in front of the property.

Location: Camp Mountain


  • Access into the property is easy, with a flat driveway – visitors can wander along the grassy edge of the swales and down to the banana circles
  • Take care with parking, as busy road.

Garden Talks:

Dave and Anna will be available all day for questions about their garden, plus they will be joined by Jenny Kato a local permaculture designer and consultant from Living Patterns Permaculture (you may have met her during her open garden at previous SEGTs). So if you have permaculture questions - make sure you drop in!

Plus, on Saturday morning (time TBA) there will be a garden talk by Danial Lawton:  A second-generation permaculturalist, holding multiple environmental degrees and over 20 years experience, and who they engaged to create and build their swales.  We are so excited to welcome Danial to share his wealth of knowledge about swales with our community.


Thank you Anna and Dave for sending through a couple of photos taken as they were creating Coddiwomple!

Photos taken at our place last April of Danial Lawnton digging our swales.

Photo of Jenny Kato in our garden in the early stages of our chicken dome mandala area